StateLine Milling


StateLine Cooperative is the area leader in feed production and is committed to serve the livestock producers in North Central Iowa.  StateLine Cooperative currently serves both swine and ruminant animal customers.  The Halfa feed mill, dedicated to swine feed, is a state of the art mill with computerized ordering, batching and micro ingredient weights.  The pressures of the modern meat industry require greater ability to track ingredients through the livestock chain and StateLine has the ability to do that well.  Located in an attractive area geographically for corn and soybean meal basis levels and their support for lower cost livestock production, and with the ability to meet the needs of the industry today in providing quality feed manufacturing and delivery, StateLine has attracted outside growers to the area.  With a highly qualified livestock production sales team, StateLine can help traditional producers and integrators work together as many traditional producers chose not to, or have lost the ability to, take the risk of livestock ownership.  The growing feed volume has increased efficiencies of production and also provided a new local corn market for area producers.  The Halfa feed mill has become a local value added business for grain producers.  In support of the members and patrons of StateLine Cooperative, the feed department of StateLine has increasingly become part of the financial success of the company.

Halfa Milling 
5265 206th Ave
Armstrong, IA  50514
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